Captain Coherence

K P  McCarthy

I’m certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s
affections  and the truth of imagination. -Keats

Available Sept 2023

After enduring the loss of his wife and surviving a near-fatal accident, story junkie Stanhope Ellis is ready for a change of scenery. Unfortunately, the new storytellers he meets are dropping like flies, and he might be the reason. As he struggles with whether he’s Death Man or a cosmic witness, he meets a wise nurse, Gayathri Das, who helps him navigate the emotional minefield. But will she die, like the others?


The Escape Pod

The Escape Pod

After my parents split, my father and I got together on alternate weekends. At first, this was great. We fished, played cards, and built things like mad. But after a couple of years it became clear that while I was on the fast track to coolness, the old man was lost in time. His hair grew wispier as mine grew wild. He smoked a pipe. He had a white, 1961 Chrysler Imperial with a pink rag top and fins bigger than our collie.


As If Hope Matters: A Critique of Modern Storytelling

As If Hope Matters: A Critique of Modern Storytelling

Will Rogers called Colorado a grand seat from which to see the world, but on April 20, 1999, grief clouded our vision. Despair hung tenaciously in the thin air. For weeks, it seemed we had lost even the blue skies, full of promise, on which we rely. Perhaps relentless self-examination will yet restore the crystal clarity we often take for granted.


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Now and Then

Now and Then

Dusky dome spilling lowdermilk, wind–textured laughter wheeling
Ripe mosaic halos and poised arms of light…

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Among other things, Kevin Patrick McCarthy has been a geothermal geologist, a technical writer, a critic, and a screenwriter. His humor, essays, poetry, and fiction have been widely recognized.

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