Available Sept 2023

Mortal Weather: Pindrop Dusk is the first book of a planned quartet. The remaining titles are Tangerine Starward, The Cobalt Edge, and Deep Focus. 


After enduring the loss of his wife and surviving a near-fatal accident, story junkie Stanhope Ellis is ready for a change of scenery. Unfortunately, the new storytellers he meets are dropping like flies, and he might be the reason. As he struggles with whether he’s Death Man or a cosmic witness, he meets a wise nurse, Gayathri Das, who helps him navigate the emotional minefield. But will she die, like the others?

Each heroic character’s tale is filled with glimpses of ourselves and everyone we’ve ever loved, compelling the reader to hear them out, maybe for the last time. It’s a dizzying blend of friendship, joy, grief, and perseverance from which there is no rush to be free. At once comforting and urgent, this book will fill your cup, break your heart, and put it back together, winking all the way.

A brilliant and memorable debut novel, Mortal Weather is an existential adventure — a timely, joyous examination of life and death with an against-all-odds love story at its core. The recurring themes read as a mystery, the characters are alive and memorable, and the writing is fluid and engaging. Here are all of our voices, asking all of our questions about the essence of life in trying times.



The narrative combines two first-person perspectives in a stream-of-conscious style immersed in magical realism and archetypal portrayals, which elevates everyday occurrences. The impact is analogous to seeing out of one eye, then the other, then both gaining a profound depth of field.

Neil Katz


Aphoristic and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. The story is told with confidence, humour and perspicacity. It includes striking imagery and breathtaking moments of insight.

Dominic Wakeford
Consulting Editor, formerly at HarperCollins and Little Brown


Shows how our stories become lifelines for the people around us. In every scene, whether heartfelt or playful, the author treats his characters with tender care and reverence.

Aaron Lelito
Editor in Chief of Wild Roof Journal

Most Memorable

I have read many books, and over time, the stories fade, but I can tell, and feel, that I will remember Stan and Gaya and Anshu and Pidge and the Spuds for a long time, and for me, that is the best outcome I could hope for from a book.

Quiethouse Editing