Aloha kakou!

Cameras cannot capture a fraction of the beauty of the sunsets here. Most people go inside after the disk disappears, but the afterglow often goes on for an hour or more. Tonight, half the sky was deep violet and the other half bright, baby blue. I don’t have many new photos, as I just kind of wander around, taking it all in. They say the thing on Molokai is not to do, but to be. I’m getting the hang of it. Hope I don’t forget to write or something – that would be time to leave.

Dog sitting on Oahu through August and a little of September was a good change of pace. We took in the art museum and Shangri-La. The latter was the mansion of the richest woman in the world, Doris Duke, who turned the place into a palace of Persian art. The art was grand, but the natural setting stole the show.

River the dog was a shameless hostess. Always the trendsetters, our friends in Aotearoa — Julia, Annie, and Hamish — celebrated my news of finding a good publisher with Piña Coladas. Julia, on the left, is well-trained in fine art and book design. She made some excellent suggestions as we worked out the final version of the cover.